How can I reduce my website's carbon footprint?

Purement, the super accurate website carbon emission calculator will support your corporate sustainability goals. It will help you monitor and reduce your digital carbon footprint.

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High Accuracy

Track, compare and analyze your data super accurately and easily

Monitor your website or app continuously. Enhance your carbon emissions by optimizing the main sources of CO2 consumption. Observe your road towards a more sustainable web.


Lightweight script that keeps your site speed fast

Purement collects data via a lightweight script on your website. Due to its tininess it won't affect your site's performance or your visitors' user experience.

Security & Privacy

Made and hosted in the EU

Complying to the highest EU privacy standards. Made in Germany, cookie-less and subjected to the GDPR. Green hosting as a matter of course.


Neutralize your carbon footprint

Use Purement as a kick-start to decarbonize your online services. It will assist you to save eco-resources and achieve your corporate responsibility and sustainability goals.

Towards a more sustainable web by tracing Net-Zero.